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Welcome to EntityWiki, the world's largest and most comprehensive online entity-centric encyclopedia.

EntityWiki is a free, open-source, community-driven, and entity-centric encyclopedia that aims to provide accurate and reliable information on a wide range of topics. With tons of articles and a growing community of contributors, EntityWiki is the go-to source for information on everything from history and science to pop culture and current events.

One of the unique features of EntityWiki is its use of entities, which are specific persons, places, things, or concepts that are identified and linked within the content. These entities provide a deeper understanding of the information, context, and relationship between different topics. This allows for more seamless navigation and discovery of related information.

Our articles are written by a diverse group of volunteer editors from all around the world, ensuring a wide range of perspectives and expertise. We have a strict policy of neutrality and strive to provide a balanced view on all topics.

One of the best things about EntityWiki is that it's constantly growing and improving. Our community of editors is constantly updating and adding new articles, ensuring that the information on EntityWiki is always up-to-date and accurate.

Whether you're a student looking for information on a research paper, a curious learner looking to expand your knowledge, or just someone looking for information on a specific topic, EntityWiki has something for everyone. Dive in and explore the vast wealth of information available on our site. Happy reading!